New work at West Elm Seattle in November

In the Seattle area? Be sure to stop by West Elm in the month of November when you are doing your holiday shopping to take in a selected group of my newest paintings in person. Personally, I love installations where we get an easy way to envision what the art will look like at home.


If you find a painting that sparks your interest but discover that it's not quite the right dimension or color, don't forget that you can commission artwork from me. Now is a great time to begin that process if you are thinking ahead for the holidays! 

Art is personal and taste is subjective, but the process of selecting a piece as a gift doesn't have to be intimidating. Consider that all gift giving involves a little skill in estimating what your loved ones will cherish. And besides a puppy, what could be more unique than a painting? Art is an accessible option especially if you decide to go with prints at an affordable cost. Simply choose your favorite frame style, wrap in a bow, and you have something truly bespoke. Easy!

Big thanks for West Elm for hosting me again this year, it's always encouraging to feel the support of local artists through marketplaces that make community a part of their business!