Thank you, Juicebox!

A big thank you to Kari Brunson, who invited me to hang my work on the delicious walls at Juicebox, one of the coziest, healthiest spaces to revitalize in Seattle. My paintings come down tomorrow, so if you're in the area, stop by and have a fresh green juice (with a shot of turmeric!) and take a peek. Sweet locals were kind enough to text me photos of the walls when they were visiting, here is one of my favorite snaps... !

photo by @alexandradiane_ on instagram

photo by @alexandradiane_ on instagram

New work at West Elm Seattle in November

In the Seattle area? Be sure to stop by West Elm in the month of November when you are doing your holiday shopping to take in a selected group of my newest paintings in person. Personally, I love installations where we get an easy way to envision what the art will look like at home.


If you find a painting that sparks your interest but discover that it's not quite the right dimension or color, don't forget that you can commission artwork from me. Now is a great time to begin that process if you are thinking ahead for the holidays! 

Art is personal and taste is subjective, but the process of selecting a piece as a gift doesn't have to be intimidating. Consider that all gift giving involves a little skill in estimating what your loved ones will cherish. And besides a puppy, what could be more unique than a painting? Art is an accessible option especially if you decide to go with prints at an affordable cost. Simply choose your favorite frame style, wrap in a bow, and you have something truly bespoke. Easy!

Big thanks for West Elm for hosting me again this year, it's always encouraging to feel the support of local artists through marketplaces that make community a part of their business!

Original paintings, now at Chairish!

Chairish recently reached out to me to sell my art in their marketplace, and I'm so glad that they did, I'm obsessed! (Obsessed with adding as many mid-century modern chairs to my "favorites" and checking local pick-up listings with my morning cup of coffee, that is!)

As an artist who spends so much time in the studio, it's always satisfying to see my work among beautiful things, as well as finding a new avenue for more collectors and eyes to appreciate what I work so hard on every day. Check out my collection here, and stay tuned for some summery watercolors being added exclusively at Chairish! 

Grow Hope Auction

I am so inspired by my friend, Kimberly, who has set up a non-profit charity to help communities around the world in need, setting them up for better education, food, water and tailoring the aid to their way of life. I am humbled by how she spends her time. On top of running a farm and raising four adorable boys, she has traveled to rural Uganda to meet all of the families she wants to help and seen their needs first hand. What struck me deep were her stories of the strong women in the Tusubira village, and her enthusiasm for making just a few basic changes that will drastically improve their lives for generations to come. 

Kimberly is currently running an auction that will help meet these goals. There are so many gorgeous items that you can bid on to help, including an original painting by yours truly! 

grow hope auction donated painting by jenny vorwaller


From Kimberly's description of the auction,

"With this auction we will kick off our fundraising campaign for the first building at Tusubira Village.  The well has been drilled and pumps and pipes are going in now- so it is time to begin building!  With your help this educational compound is going to change the way people in our community and the surrounding countryside live.  It will improve their health and offer them a more hopeful future."

I've donated "Windowsill" an original acrylic painting on canvas, 24 x 24 inches. Bidding runs till 5 pm PST on Friday, November 14th! Thanks to Kimberly and the Grow Hope Foundation for allowing me to play a small part in this amazing cause.